Employee Contacts

E-mail is not as secure as our on-line banking service

You should NOT send personal account information through e-mail. Bank of Jamestown recognizes e-mail as an easy method of communication, but we request that you DO NOT e-mail anything that needs immediate attention.

E-mail should NOT be used to place a stop payment on a check, report lost or stolen cards, pin numbers or checks, or request account transfers.

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All employees of Bank of Jamestown can be contacted by calling 270-343-3186 or by e-mailing them at:

executive officers

Bill Magruder – President/Chairman  magruder@bankofjamestown.com

Don Cooper- Executive Vice President/CEO  dcooper@bankofjamestown.com

Ross Russell – Sr. Vice President/CFO  ross@bankofjamestown.com

Terry Cochran – Sr. Vice Pres/Sr. Lender  tcochran@bankofjamestown.com

Customer Service Representatives

Melissa Collins  mcollins@bankofjamestown.com

Katherine Gosser  kgosser@bankofjamestown.com

Whitney Reeder  wreeder@bankofjamestown.com

Mary Lynn Smith   msmith@bankofjamestown.com

Willodean Richardson  wrichardson@bankofjamestown.com

Lora Sales   lsales@bankofjamestown.com

Regina Wright  rwright@bankofjamestown.com

Lauren Higginbotham lhigginbotham@bankofjamestown.com

Emily York eyork@bankofjamestown.com

Kenzie McGowan kmcgowan@bankofjamestown.com

Selby Pettey spettey@bankofjamestown.com

Megan Kelly mkelly@bankofjamestown.com

Whitney Holt wholt@bankofjamestown.com

Taylor Irvin tirvin@bankofjamestown.com

Corey Tarter ctarter@bankofjamestown.com

Danielle Vanarsdale - Receptionist dvanarsdale@bankofjamestown.com

Loan Personnel

Steve Bell – Vice President  sbell@bankofjamestown.com

Debbie Harris - Vice President  dharris@bankofjamestown.com

Kacey Chowning   kchowning@bankofjamestown.com

Nick Shearer  nshearer@bankofjamestown.com

Barbara Sharpe   bsharpe@bankofjamestown.com

Angelia Miller  amiller@bankofjamestown.com

Jason Miller jmiller@bankofjamestown.com

Tiffany Wilson  twilson@bankofjamestown.com

Tracy Wariner twariner@bankofjamestown.com

Bookkeeping Department

Susan Holder - Vice President  sholder@bankofjamestown.com

Midge Loy  mloy@bankofjamestown.com

Nina McClure  nmcclure@bankofjamestown.com


Janet Clark – Vice President  jclark@bankofjamestown.com

Patti Lamb – Vice President  plamb@bankofjamestown.com


400 Monument Square
Jamestown, Ky. 42629
(270) 343-3186

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